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Last night while having dinner at one of our nurses homes, I received a call that a cow was being sent to the hospital. This cow was delivered to help cover the hospital charges of a young man that nearly lost his life because of a snake bite. After many vials of antivenom and blood transfusions today he was discharged to go home. His life was saved because his family brought him into the hospital, and while the cow will cover only about half of his actual hospital costs, thanks to the kind donations of many to the Hope Patient Care Fund we are able to send him home knowing his debt is paid. This cow will join the other animals at the hospital and will eventually have a calf that will be amy grant family photos sold help cover other hospital bills. 

Today we invited the employee representatives over for lunch as a way to thank them for the many hours they spend helping resolve employee problems and bridging the gap between the employees and administration. 

First day of school for the boys. This year there will be 20 students in the MK school. Aden was so excited to be starting 1st grade with Aunt Megan that he exclaimed a few time how he couldn’t believe this day was finally here. We are so thankful for teachers and for this school opportunity for the boys. Aaron will also be doing a few subjects online (math, science, writing).

Melissa was excited to see one of the little premature babies she’d cared for when things didn’t look too certain, doing really good and going home. 

While in the States this past year we had the opportunity to personally thank a homeschool group that raised over,000 to be used for our milk and egg fund for malnourished kids. Now here in Togo we get to see those funds in use.

It was a joy to witness the baptism of two young men following their decisions to follow Christ after studying at one of the prayer groups in Mango lead by one of the hospital’s chaplains.

Today we held an all-employee meeting to discuss payroll issues, encourage good work practices, and to reflect on the progress we’ve made and the work that remains.

Today is the Islamic holiday known by many different names around the world but here it’s called.  This is a national holiday in Togo but because it’s dependent on the Islamic lunar calendar the dates vary from year to year drifting approximately 11 days earlier each year. From an employers perspective, this can be a frustrating holiday as we are never really sure what day it will be until the very last minute (12 to 24 hours beforehand). This holiday honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son and in commemoration of this, most Muslim families in Mango will be sacrificing an animal today. The sacrificed animals will be divided into three parts with the poor and needy getting one third and friends and family getting the other third.

The guavas on our tree are ripe. We planted this tree in 2014 when we got here and this is the first year we’ve enjoyed the fruit.

We have been pretty healthy since arriving back in Mango in May, but this week Aden had a fever and tested positive for malaria. He’s taking medicine to kick it but it’s taken the energy out of him and kept him from being his energetic self.

The ABWE plane landing at the military camp with visitors or volunteers is always fun for the kids to watch. 

An umbrella that attaches to your head. I hadn’t seen this out here before.

Employee parking at the hospital’s farm usually just has a bike or two so this sign seemed sort of funny next to the “lawnmowers”. 


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