Bird photo booth review

Painting by one of finest victoriann taxidermists John Duncan. This depicts an Osprey. This image was provide bird photo booth review by a relative of the Duncan family in Newcastle.

A new page dedicated to the work of Frederick Ernest Gunn has been launched. This collection is housed at the Haslemere Museum


House Sparrows in detail by FE Gunn.


Case drawings by FM Ogilvie from his personal collection of British Birds. Here is a Red Necked Grebe. This images shows a subtle use of colour also. For a more comprehensive review of his drawings then have a look at the page dedicated to this. We have all the case drawings, notes and correspondence, but suggest that you visit the museum where the collection is housed.

arcticfoxdssmith [640x480].JPG

This has to be perhaps the finest Arctic Fox display we have seen. Less is indeed more.


Polecats by H Brazenor of Stockport. Used to think this was a fake, despite paying a hugue sum for it. You know the expression, too good to be true???. Limited fading of the mustelids by example?. That said until reported by Morris in latest book (2010) that said person actually took breath. Case is rather delightful and pleased to confirm that Mr Brazenore did exist by Morris. Case not for sale so "cost" is pretty irrelevant. Never have been able to take a decent image of it.

labduckds2 [640x480].JPG

Following a theme of extinction at the moment, here is a male Labrador duck. Few examples of these ducks exist. Good example of a species eaten into extinction.

Pat Morris's book entitled simply " A History of Taxidermy"
Was launched yesterday by Mike Gadd on his new website, please see this link. Competitively priced although higher on other websites we note. Order your copy now, by following this link in your web-browser and view the flyer and purchase a book.

morrisflyer [640x480].jpg

" A History of Taxidermy". This book is available now to purchase, following a conversation with Mike today. Just follow the link and order away so to speak, you will not be dissapointed. Just follow the link above and order direct from the author. The link on Mike's website goes striaght to Mr Morris for instant dispatch.

march 10 171[1].JPG

Modern Merganser chick.

In Addition

lifting picture.jpg

We have noticed another "rash" of items appearing from "sadly" broken cases. Clearly people have slippery / greasy little fingers (don't people wash these days). To that end and always as part of the service we have enclosed a useful images that shows the correct way to lift boxes or cases (LOL) as a way to ensure these accidents don't occur.

Updated this week items on the new to the site, Pennington Collection.

Additional 77 Featured Historical Taxidermy pages within this site from the 192 pages packed within information on this subject making it the most comprehensive globally.

TAXIDERMY ITEMS WANTED. Please respond via this on-line form with a description of what you have for sale.

hutchpolbon [640x480].jpg

European Polecat with prey by James Hutchings.


We can be funny / obtuse toooooooo. This sums it up nicely for us.


Victorian Dabchick by G W Quatremain of Malvern.


Victorian European Curlew and chick, by Hodder "Presever of Birds and Animals" of North Street Clapham, London and not for sale. Very much in the style of James Hutchings, but by a Victorian London Taxidermist.


A pair of Skylarks with 4 chicks preserved by Pratt of Brighton. This Taxidermists features prominently in the Booth Museum. The above case is the best Pratt of Brighton case I have ever seen in terms of attention to detail and the overall balance within what is a compact case. Pratt tended to produce large cases, which sometimes made the birds look a little lost.

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