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When 's mother heard the news her daughter was molested as a child -- she felt disappointed and hurt, but she's also ready to fight for justice.   

We got  Monday at LAX... and she told us the most devastating part of the whole tragedy is coping with the fact that her daughter was violated by a family member.  

Evelyn doesn't know which family member molested her daughter... she's going to let Tamar decide the best way to tell her story... and she will stand by her side.  

We broke the story... Tamar made the revelation earlier this month during a taping of... telling the talk show host she was by members of both sides of her fam.

tells us her sister showed incredible strength... adding Tamar has the right to speak her truth.

Towanda admits the family was hurt by Tamar's revelations, but says it's more important for victims to share their stories... no matter who is involved.



"Braxton Family Values" is on an indefinite break after the sisters and their mother made a family decision -- no taping until they're paid what they're worth.

Sources connected to the show tell us the entire cast --,,,, and mom -- was scheduled to shoot in Atlanta last week, but only Traci showed up... so WE tv sent the crew home and pulled the plug on taping.

Our sources say the Braxton women are refusing to return to work until the network and Magical Elves production company renegotiate their contracts for the second half of season 6.

The major bones of contention, we're told -- the cast feels their wardrobe and travel stipends are so low it's laughable. They also want their salaries increased to an "appropriate" level.

WE tv declined to comment, but sources close to the situation tell us the Braxtons are under contract through season 9. We also reached out to Magical Elves... no word back so far.



And then there was one...

is now hitting the road without either of her sisters after 86'ing  from the upcoming family tour.

The tour was supposed to feature three of the Braxtons... Toni along with Tamar and as her opening acts. That didn't last long. We broke the story, Traci  last month after she  over her estranged husband,. 

We're now told promoters also don't want to deal with Tamar's divorce drama -- so they dropped her from the tour, too. Important to note, Vince is still Tamar's manager.

As of now, we're told there's no replacement yet to open for Toni. The clock's ticking... we're told the tour will kick off May 22.



getting all butt hurt over her estranged husband's portrayal on "Braxton Family Values" makes zero sense to her sisters, who say they're gonna keep trashing him... like family should!

, and  told us Wednesday, Tamar's stance is hypocritical because she's guilty of airing the dirty laundry of other family members in the past.

We broke the story... Tamar thinks the show's to vilify her soon-to-be-ex, . The sisters didn't exactly deny doing it, but said they just keep it real by sharing their true feelings... whether cameras are rolling or not.

As for any contact with Vincent, sure sounds like the ladies still have Tamar's back... as they did in October. Remember, we got them fresh off a plane on the way after  broke.



Reality TV can pull you out of bankruptcy and get you a million house next to Justin Bieber... all in 6 MONTHS... and Toni Braxton's living proof.

Real estate sources tell TMZ, Toni -- whose reality show "Braxton Family Values" is already on its third season -- just purchased a mansion for close to million in Calabasas' exclusive gated community The Oaks... just a few houses down from Justin.

The house is 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and measures 5,323 sq. ft.

Technically, it's the smallest house in the neighborhood... but still, not too bad for someone who was dead ass broke less than a year ago.

Toni's real estate purchase has to sting for her old creditors -- as we reported, when Braxton filed for bankruptcy in 2010 (for the second time) she claimed debts as high as,000,000... and only ended up repaying a tiny fraction of that before the debts were cleared entirely.

Only in America...



"Braxton Family Values" star Trina Braxton has an unusual problem -- the husband she wants to divorce has filed legal docs challenging her right to a divorce... on grounds they allegedly still love each other.

We broke the story... Toni Braxton's sister from Gabriel Adrian-Solis earlier this year, claiming their 10-year marriage was irretrievably broken... after both of them admitted to cheating.

But Adrian-Solis doesn't believe the marriage is kaput... he's filed docs in Georgia challenging the divorce petition... claiming whatever's wrong with their relationship can be fixed. 

According to the docs... he wants a judicial declaration that a reconciliation is possible... with a little work from both.

So new song -- Don't Unbreak My Divorce.



"Braxton Family Values" star Trina Braxton can't un-break her marriage... the reality star finally pulled the trigger on her divorce from philandering husband Grabriel Adrian-Solis, TMZ has learned.

Toni Braxton's sister filed divorce docs in Georgia court claiming her marriage was irretrievably broken. Trina and Gabriel tied the knot in August 2003, separated in March 2013, and are currently living in separate pads.

It's not exactly a shock -- the duo suffered from a slew of marital problems, including infidelity. Gabriel has admitted to cheating on Trina with numerous women in the past and Trina admitted to cheating on Gabriel -- all of which played out on their reality TV show. 

As for the nuts and bolts of it all... Trina says she'll try to work out a financial agreement with her estranged husband to divvy up their assets (and debts) as calmly as possible. She's asking for a total divorce, claiming there's no hope for reconciliation.

In times like these, at least she's got Toni...



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