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SunlitGreen Photo Manager is a free, simple and easy-to-use digital photo management software.
It lets you organize, browse and tag your digital photos. You can easily group photos into albums/collections, and do fast search as-you-type.

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  • Create unlimited number of photo albums
  • Group photos in an album into different collections
  • Add custom tags to photos
  • Find photos as you type into search box
  • Drag and drop to add photos to your album/collection

Photo Manager Screenshots

Photo Manager Application Workspace   Photo Manager Search As-You-Type   Photo Manager Tag Options Application Workspace

Here you can create collections, add photos and tag info.   Find As-You-Type

Search results are displayed as you type into the search box.

  Tag Options

You can move and sort photo tags, as well as add/delete/rename.

Create Photo Albums, Group Photos into Collections...

SunlitGreen Photo Manager lets you create albums, as well as group photos in an album into collections, as many as you want.

Keep Your Photos in Plain Sight...

SunlitGreen Photo Manager stores your album photos in proper collections. You can easily navigate through different collections.

Attach Relevant Information to Your Photos...

SunlitGreen Photo Manager lets you attach any relevant information to your photos. You can add your own tags, as well as delete/rename/reorder these entries.

Find As You Type!

SunlitGreen Photo Manager provides a powerful search engine that lets you search your album/collections like surfing the web. Results are presented to you as you type into the search box.


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