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  Free Clipart and Images Thousands of royalty-free clipart images. Over 10,000 images, backgrounds, bullets, headers, bars, webmaster essential logos, buttons, clip-art, animations, and more! Free comic clipart. Non-free directory of clipart sites ordered by category. A collection of links to free clipart download sites. Free vector and gif clipart, only for educational or personal projects Free clipart for use in MS Office. Clipart organized by category and links to related sites. Free images, bars, arrows, flags, animated gifs and signs for your Web page. A large collection of public domain clipart graphics for presentations, web pages, documents, emails. Free clipart, but with lots of advertisements. Large collection of public domain images, clipart organized by category. The collection of original North Star artwork by Peter Reynolds, inspired by the themes of his own book 'The North Star', is free to use on your own website, as long as it is for non-commercial or non-profit use (educational, institutional, family, etc.). Clipart library of user-contributed clip art that can be freely used (public domain). A huge collection of freely usable (public domain) clip art. Modest collection of nice images. 100% free clipart, no pop ups, trick links or registration required. Free public domain images, sounds and more.   Get Organized and download TreePad

  Free Vector graphics Free quality vector images and graphics. Index of free vector graphics available for download.   Royalty-free Photos Royalty-free images, which are taken by two amateur photographers with a love of nature. The majority of the photos in this collection are of nature and Australian animals, but the range will increase with time. Some images can be downloaded for free, others cost $ .50 USD per image. Free images mostly from amateur photographers who enjoy seeing their images on Internet. Free photo gallery about nature and geography, including animals, mountains, clouds, flowers, sea and fireworks. All photos on this site are free and royalty-free, for personal as well as for commercial use. High-quality, royalty-free images for only $ 1 per image. Archive of royalty photos, which can be downloaded and used for free, also commercially. Hundreds of free photos for any use (commercial and non-commercial). No registration required, just browse the images, and "Save As ..."! High Quality free images/photos/textures for your personal or commercial printing, publishing, web design, and multimedia projects. Free image database. The images are royalty-free, but for non-commercial use only. Free high-resolution digital stock photos which are free to use on websites and printed materials. Free high resolution stock photos for use in both personal and commercial design projects. After signing up for free, you can download lots of excellent stock photos for free. Royalty-free high-resolution images for download. Free for personal and corporate use. Free photo gallery with 24,000+ images from all around the world. Over 54000 royalty-free quality photos for download. Free signup, each photo costs from $ 1.00 to $ 3.00 depending on the image size. This 'morgue file' directory contains royalty-free stock photography images free for corporate and private use. A morguefile is an inactive or post production material reference file. A repository for free public domain photos. Free high-quality public domain photos. Non-free collection of royalty free high-quality stock photos. Free royalty free high-resolution stock images for personal and commercial use. 100.000 quality stock photos by more than 9.000 users. SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to the public free of charge. Free stock photos and images for personal, educational and non-commercial usage. A large database of freely usable media files to which anyone can contribute.   Thematic Image directories Catalog and search engine of all NASA photographs made in orbit from earth since 1961. Celtic knots, buttons, icons, animals and crosses which can be used on your Website. A large number of thumbnail images of insects, ordered by category. More than 9000 press release photos of the manned space program, from Mercury to the STS-79 Shuttle mission. Full text search available.   Music images Music graphics and images. Music related symbols, clipart and images.   Image Search Engines   Free Image Hosting   Free Animations Thousands of freely downloadable animations for use on your website; you can also send them as digital postcards. Free animations for your WebPages and emails. Free animations for your WebPages and emails. Many free animations, ordered by category.   Free Backgrounds A wide variety of seamless backgrounds, patterns, textures and graphics for use in customizing Myspace pages, blogs, and websites. Free images to create rounded corner effects for your HTML pages. Free backgrounds listed by category. Free background images for your Web pages: stone, marble, metal, decoration, sky backgrounds, timber images, psychedelic, office, trees and plants, space and stars.   Free Icon directories Choose from around 2800 smileys and add emotions to your messages. Add emoticons and smileys to your e-mails and Web forum posts, Have fun with your friends and with emoticons that are designed to make your messages special. More than 5,000 free colorful icons and icon libraries. More than 20 000 high-quality icons, hand-picked and created by MieNet. High-quality icons, free for non-commercial use, otherwise $ 2 per icon.   Fonts Free fonts for download. 6800+ free true type fonts. Page containing True Type Chess fonts and symbols for download. Many free fonts for download. A sample of each font can be previewed online. Dina is a monospace bitmap font, primarily aimed at programmers. It is relatively compact to allow a lot of code on screen. Dingbat pages Freeware and shareware dingbat fonts. Includes 300 dingbats for immediate preview and download and a dingbat helper with links to 2000+ individual dingbat fonts. Download Free Fonts - Download thousands of free true type fonts. Collection of high-quality simplified and traditional Chinese Unicode fonts. Non-free. Dingbat fonts ordered by category. Hand picked free fonts for graphic designers. The free fonts can be used in commercial projects. Font search engine for freeware and shareware fonts. Search and download over 10000 Postscript and True Type fonts. Lots of quality fonts, non-free. A collection of free and non-free fonts for download. List of free-font sites. Free fonts distributed by RedHat as RPM package and .tar.gz file (true type): Sans (a substitute for Arial, Albany, Helvetica, Nimbus Sans L, and Bitstream Vera Sans), Serif (a substitute for Times New Roman, Thorndale, Nimbus Roman, and Bitstream Vera Serif) and Mono (a substitute for Courier New, Cumberland, Courier, Nimbus Mono L, and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono). TrueType and Open Type font specification including Apple Advanced Typography specs. Collections of high-quality multilingual fonts. Non-free. An online font browser that lets you preview your fonts before downloading. Fonts ordered by alphabet and category. List of free-font sites. A listing of Unicode fonts (True Type and Open Type). Classic X Window system bitmap fonts. A listing of Unicode fonts by Thousands of categorized fonts and dingbats. Free Vietnamese Unicode Fonts Free font downloads organized into categories (Asian, Dingbats, Gothic, Script, Stencil and more) that are pre-viewable before download. A listing of Unicode fonts organized by name and writing system.   Free Cartoons Free cartoons. If you want to display 'Strange Breed weekly' on your Website, just click the 'SB HTML' button. Click on the 'Archives' button to see the cartoon samples.   Free Buttons Free cool button sets for your website. The collection includes custom mouseover images. Free Website buttons. Nice looking free Website buttons.  
384 Gigabyte Personal Information Manager and Word Processor.
Intuitive and versatile, including Website Generator, spellchecker, thesaurus, attachments, search engine, recycle bin, and much more! For Windows and Linux/Wine.
Click to get the .   Free Banners Free banners and banner templates for you to use on your Website.   Free Desktop Wallpapers A small program that selects different desktop wallpaper each time you start your computer. High-quality background images for your desktop. Free wallpapers by Mienet and links to more free wallpapers and graphics. Free Sunset for your desktop: add a splendid sunset landscape image to your windows computer desktop. The picture was taken in Brasнlia, Brazil, looking over the Paranoб Lake, around which the city has been built. Free Desktop Themes for Linux, Windows and MAC   Related Freebyte pages Free Paint Programs, Free Image Viewers, Free Photo Albums, Free graphics converters, 2-D Animation Software, 3-D / Animation software and more! Free images, bars, arrows, flags, animated gifs and signs for your Web page. Free background images for your Web pages: stone, marble, metal, decoration, sky backgrounds, timber images, psychedelic, office, trees and plants, space and stars. Free Mechanical Engineering software for a variety of platforms. Free chess, free checkers, free go, free card games, free puzzle games, free arcade games, free games CD-roms, free online games, free games for download, cheats, virtual pets, role playing, and more! Free screensavers, cursors, ringtones and desktop themes. Free 3D screensavers, nature, funny and artistic screensavers, screensaver construction packages which don't require any programming, and more. Free MP3 files, midi files, free music videos, free sheet music, free samples and loops, online music lessons, music and audio search engines, etc. Publish your own Web pages for free! Find the best service to host your home page. Create your Web page without any knowledge of HTML. Free services which enable you to run your own CGI scripts (PHP, ASP, Perl, etc.). Free shots of earth taken by satellite. Also: real-time satellite images.     Information wanted! If you know of any free directories listing royalty-free images, photo's backgrounds, etc. not listed here, please !   About this page Last updated on July 14, 2012

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