Iconic world war 2 photos

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Since today Russia is celebrating Victory Day, let’s see this nice compilation of the most important Russia connected  photos from World War II or how Russians call it “Great Patriotic War”.

And we will start with this photo above. It’s probably one of the most famous Russian WW2 photographs. It shows Russian soldier Yeremenko who shouts “Attack!” just a few seconds before he would be shot down by German bullet and dies.

And this is also one of the most famous Russian WW2 photos: Russian soldiers putting the flag of the USSR on top of the Reichstag building – favorite building of Nazi Germany where Adolf Hitler used to make his propaganda presentations.
When photographer got there – to the roof of Bundestag as they call it now, there were already plenty of Soviet flags mounted. So he asked two Soviet soldiers to take a flag he brought with himself and show how they put them in – just to make a good photograph. And here is this photo, later became an icon in USSR.

Another photo. After the Battle of Kursk, also known by Nazi codename “Operation Citadel” – a decisive battle in World War 2. It was the largest every clash of armored vehicles – over 2,500 tanks from USSR and 1,000 Nazi tanks were fighting. 2,000,000 people were participating in this battle. Russia lost 200,000 soldiers. But as a result Red Army turned the World War 2 course around – now Soviet Army was leading and started drawing away Nazis from USSR and then thru all the Europe to their home base in Germany. So here is one leutenant shows his commander holes in Nazi Tiger tank. The heavy armored tank was hit by regular T-34 light Soviet tank cannon which proved that those tanks were very effective in fighting heavy German machinery.

Another photo: Soviet soldier holding a Czechoslovakian kid.

Russian sniper girl. 1944.

Russian sergeant V.Kireev shoots captured Nazi grenade launcher during night battle in Breslau city.

Soviet soldiers shaving during a short cease fire.

Soviet scouts during a battle.

Russian machine-gunner Zinaida Kozlova.

Another iconic photo – Soviet pilot gives light to captive Nazi soldiers.

Young hero gets his first medal.

Moscow downtown guarding the Kremlin from Nazi air force.


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