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One in 10 Americans depend on the Colorado River for bathing and drinking. Last fall’s record-high temps reduced Colorado snowpack to 66 percent of normal, sparking concern over water shortages and leaving water managers fearful of a repeat. A Berkeley Lab scientist explains how unseasonably warm weather and drought can affect water quality.

Egyptian blue, derived from calcium copper silicate, was routinely used on ancient depictions of gods and royalty. Previous studies have shown that when Egyptian blue absorbs visible light, it then emits light in the near-infrared range. Now a team has confirmed the pigment’s fluorescence can be 10 times stronger than previously thought.

Berkeley Lab will receive million to build and operate an Advanced Quantum Testbed to explore superconducting quantum processors and evaluate how these emerging quantum devices can be utilized to advance photo scientific research. Berkeley Lab and MIT Lincoln Laboratory will deploy different quantum processor architectures.

Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley announced the formation of Berkeley Quantum, a partnership designed to accelerate and expand innovation in quantum information science (QIS). Participants in Berkeley Quantum projects will contribute by bringing their strengths in QIS research, theory, algorithms, and applications.

A consortium of researchers from Berkeley Lab, UC Berkeley, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst will develop sensors that enlist the seemingly weird properties of quantum physics to probe for dark matter particles in new ways, with increased sensitivity, and in uncharted regions.

The Advanced Light Source (ALS), a scientific user facility at Berkeley Lab, has received federal approval to proceed with preliminary design, planning and R&D work for a major upgrade project that will boost the brightness of its X-ray beams at least a hundredfold.

A series of DOE Office of Science awards announced Sept. 24 significantly expands the Lab’s research efforts in quantum information science.


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