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Note: This is a post from Adam Baker, Man Vs. Debt’s founder.

Nearly three years ago, Courtney and I posted our first “list of everything we own” as we were downsizing and preparing to travel with our backpacks through Australia.

Since then we’ve gone through a lot of change. Down to almost nothing for a while, back to a rented house full of crap in Indiana, on the road in our RV and stopping for about a year in Asheville, N.C., before moving to our current home of Portland, Oregon, where I work for filmmaking and storytelling company Stillmotion since retiring from Man Vs. Debt.

Here’s our most recent list of every item we own – with pictures courtesy of Courtney Baker. Some items are linked to websites with more information and/or Amazon affiliate links.

Note: We update this list when we can. This was last updated toward the end of our RV tour in 2011.

Baker’s Gear – 14

Everything I need to work on the go. Stuff Courtney and the kids aren’t allow to touch.  My preciouses…

Courtney’s Clothes – 48

Courtney’s wardrobe – not too shabby for a woman…  😉

Charlotte Russe jeans Gap jeans Black Mischa tights Grey cotton pajamas Black running pants Black short-legged pajamas Black short-legged pajamas Grey spaghetti strap tank Black spaghetti strap tank Blue spaghetti strap tank Green halter tank Black long tank Tan Gap cotton shirt Black Gap cotton shirt Grey short-sleeve cotton shirt Brown button shirt Red Gap pullover jacket Black Gap zip-up jacket Black knit sweater Green North Face hoodie Black striped button blouse Brown striped formal dress Bras [3] Women's underwear [8] Women's socks [5] Black North Face Denali Jacket Black Ralph Lauren Vest Black winter scarf Black fashion hat Blue Adidas tennis shoes Grey Crocs Olivia flats Green Arizona galoshes

Baker’s Clothes – 41

My fabulous wardrobe. No really, the items below are all it takes to look this good…

Dark blue jeans Light blue jeans Khaki shorts Black gym shorts White Tony Hawk swim trunks Black and brown reversible belt White Hanes undershirts [10] Grey button-up collared shirt Black Arrow polo shirt Grey long-sleeved cotton shirt AE maroon zipper hoodie Orange zipper hoodie Red Anytime Fitness tshirt Green Riley tshirt Men's underwear [6] Pairs of socks [5] Black winter coat Black neck warmer Large black gloves White running shoes

Milligan’s Clothes – 35

Milligan gets a bit of a free pass since she goes through like 9 outfits a day…

Brown Love zip-up jacket Pink zip-up jacket Striped hooded sweatshirt Black striped dress Pink heart pocket dress Pink cherry print dress Blue heart long-sleeve shirt Green Hello Kitty shirt Black striped long-sleeve shirt Purple rock star shirt White fairyshirt Blue polka-dot shirt Pink polka-dot shirt Black ruffle stretch pants Black Children's Place knit tights Children's Place jeans Blue cotton capri pants Green cotton capri pants White striped shorts Black Jumping Beans fleece pants Pink jeweled capri pants Pink lacy ballerina skirt Kids underwear [6] Pair of socks [5] Brown Carter polka-dot vest Pink knit hat

Outdoor/RV Equipment – 33

Outdoor gear, automobiles, and the stuff it take to stay on the road…

1998 Fleetwood Tioga 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Non-binding telescoping towbar Foldable sports chairs [3] Magnetic flashlights [4] Stanley 2 Mile Solar flashlight Squeegee mop [2] White fresh water hose Water pressurizer Blue water hose External shower hose Blue 100ft extension cord Orange 100ft extension cord Brown 15 ft extension cord Leveling tool Rubber mallet Window fan Yellow cage lamps [2] Electrical hookup adapter Sewer hose Toolbox Car Seat Milligan Bicycle Jogging Stroller

Entertainment/Learning – 67

Games, books, puzzles, and other things to help keep us sane…

Kitchen Stuff – 102

Everything it takes to put yummy-yummy in our tummy-tummy…

Plastic red plates [6] Sip-pie cup [2] Red canteen Silver canteen Silver coffee thermos Pink Minnie Mouse canteen Pyrex bake dish set [2] Silverware set [17] Cooking utensils [2] Measuring cups [4] Measuring spoons [4] Metal souffle cups [2] Metal flat shredder Black vegetable peeler Manual can opener Firestarter Cutco Galley plus steak knives [11] Black rubber trivet Green dishtowel & oven mitt set [3] Digital food scale Oxo Good Grips collapsible colander Igloo lunch bag Rubbermaid containers with lids [20] Bamboo cutting board White 10-Quart trash can Vine plant Rubbermaid Produce Saver container Broom and dustpan

Living/Bedroom/Bathroom Stuff – 42

Essentially everything else we live with – that’s not in one of the other categories…

Brown door step rug Gold's Gym resistance tube kit Free weight dumbbell set Office supplies Clothes pins "Around the House" box Red hot water bottles [2] Kids II stepping stools [2] Honeywell Surround spaceheater Plastic clothes hangers Leopard print body pillows [2] Puppy pillow and sleeping bag Bed pillows [6] Queen sheets set [3] Green twin sheet set Milli's blankets [3] Blow dryer Bendable measuring tape Four light brown bath towels Blue shower crate Vanity bag Yellow Electric heating pad Personal hygiene items [4]

General Electronics – 13

More electronics – but Courtney and the girls have free use of these!  ;-)…

Personal Keepsakes – 22

Essentially, stuff Courtney can’t part with (all right, I’d keep a few of these as well)…

RV travel binder Black accordian wallet Fireproof Safe Black transition lens glasses Green glasses Courtney's wedding ring and band Honeymoon in Puerto Rico album New Zealand album Milligan: The First Year album Guatemala album Baker Wedding album Wedding portrait USA Today article Milli on Magnetic Island Milli Camps at Mt. Cook Travel Journals 2004-2010 [4] Elephant Pooh Bear Sheriff Woody

The ball is in your court, now. This list is useless if it doesn’t help inspire action.

I hope this encourages you to take stock of your own possessions and find areas you can simplify.  It’s not the number that matters, but rather making sure that we stay on the offensive against clutter and overwhelm!


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