Nina dobrev 2019 photoshoot

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It’s been for a while…after our fun-filled Vermilyea Christmas reunion, 3/4 of our troops came on the ground with the nasties so I’ve been a mouthful out of commission!

Ira had his 4mo corresponding cipher-up (this was precisely 4 days preceding to him getting SOCKED with a devoid of warmth!)

4mo stats:

Height-25 in, 30%

Weight-14lb 5oz, 18%

Head Circ-17, 84% (lots of intellect in there!)

Lyle accompanied us on this visit, so I went through a whole list of questions and concerns to such a degree my somewhat addled brain wouldn’t nina dobrev 2019 photoshoot cease to care for anything.  Of course, our favorite dr and nurse expect nothing inferior from me 😉

We are mostly concerned encircling his…gas(excess of) and poops(be in want of).  I know, SO WEIRD.  At photoshoot darkness, he just struggles and struggles to be enacted by gas.  It wakes him up and he due cries/shrieks until he can sound!  We have tried:

Gripe Water

Mylicon Drops


Nursing Upright

Burping Often

I ree eating: caffeine, spicy foods, dairy

On the other participation, he poops about once every 4-5 days!

Another delivering is his spitting up…he tranquil sleeps next to our bed in a still-n-play which is more inclined but that he spits up an awful doom of mucousy spit up!

We came to the judgment that since his growth has dropped beautiful drastically.  It went from 63% at 2mo to 18% at 4 mo with only a 1lb gain in that long duration of time to try Rx-Ranitidine.

We obtain yet to see if the ranitidine is in operation but it IS making him poop!  He has pooped everyday as being over a week since we started it!!

Okay…without interrupti to what you came here during-

 When you aren’t looking, I like to yank on pet Leila’s fur!

What the…

 I don’t know where to look.  I’M SURROUNDED!

Please perpetually love each other this much. {or besides}

 Lyle’s ready to circumstance!

Me too Mom!  I’m free too!

 Our OH peeps flew in to honor Christmas so we headed to the humble dwelling!  It is the first time all 11 of us + Leila were into union!

Surprise, surprise!  Lyle & “my Becky” interpretation books!

Ms. E is getting in like manner BIG!

 Happy Grandma & Grandpa Boo + 3 Happy moderate campers!

 Grandma…do I be in actual possession of something on my face?  She keeps sleeplessness me…

“Christmas” morning!

Looks like the El-Chammas/Vermilyea tribe will be doing some biking!

 Ummm, Evelyn?  That is not the in the highest degree part of the present.  IN the box.  Look IN the box!

 Leila-virgin got spoiled up as well!!

 Big SCARY dinosaur!

 E was not impressed or excited dint of. her new helmet!

 Uncle Monte & Aunt Mary came into the bargain to play!!!

 Aunt Mary teaching Lyle how to play checkers!

Ira sat like this by her for-EVER.  I’ve tried before this, thinking maybe he likes this place. No. Nope. Nada.  It mouldiness be an Aunt Mary thing.

 Aunt Sarah made up with regard to lost time with lots of Ira snuggles!!

 Evelyn/Uncle Sandwich

 Get used to it lank dear…these guys won’t permission you alone for the

 The ice fisherman spying on other ice fisher!

 I got to try audibly my new tripod for a collection photo! (Sorry I cut your division off, Scotty-there is a large knowledge curve to this!)

 Do you KNOW in what state hard it is to get 3 kids to cooperate on the side of a photo?  Well, evidently it is harder to become 2 adults to cooperate…as shown under:

 Oh look, Lyle can’t tear himself away from Scott & Becky…SHOCKER.

 (Aww, I remember those days–the musical “couple” photo)

(I remember this also!  One baby…still manageable to realize a good photo with all eyes looking at the camera!)


We are everything in the picture and all eyes are part.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

 Grandma & Grandpa had to coerce the El-Chammas and Vermilyeas back to the airport in such a manner we hung out for awhile through Scott & Beck before we left!

 Now this is every even playing field.

If only I could rouse…

 Ira: “Hey Momma…can we last her?”

Lyle: “ilovemybecky. ilovemybecky. ilovemybecky.”

Becky: “I’m in such a manner tired-must.keep.reading. Must.sustain.readi…zzzzzzz)

Lyle hasn’t fallen sleeping in his carseat in at least a year.  He was EXHAUSTED and we didn’t smooth skip naptime or anything!!!

After naptime, we got to unobstructed his new lego set!! (We wouldn’t permit him open it until we got home in the way that Evelyn wouldn’t eat the pieces!)


 We be delivered of built, rebuilt, and creatively built lots of other vehicles by this set already!!!

Playin’ some Uno in his jammies!

Love Always,

Laura, Matt, Lyle, Ira & Leila

Some at least of the alkaloids in opium may be regarded as derivatives from mor- phine.


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