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Create a First Birthday Album
Supplies: Album, stickers, photos, markers / pens

Purchase an album or memory book that allows you to write in, add stickers and photos. Then ask guests to create a page for your birthday boy or girl. They can include stickers, a photo and marker so guests can write something personal just for baby.

This is great for young kids to as they can create a page too. Create an Album with Sticker and let guests write something for child. It is really cute what kids come up with! After the party is over add photos to make it an extra special keepsake.

Additional Party Games
While First Birthday Games are great you may need to keep other kids busy with games and activities we have posted a few games and links to other pages of are site to round out your First Birthday games and activities.
Supplies: Gift, box, wrapping paper and slips of paper You pass the Gift and then the music stops and you have to unwrap a layer of wrapping paper. Do you have to answer a question? Hop on 1 foot? Or did you win a prize? This unpredictable game is fun for all ages.
Game details and instructions
Looking for simple and fun games for young kids 7 and under that you can play at your Baby's 1st Birthday party? Then these are simple silly and run around games for them.
Simple Activities for Young Children

Pop the Bubbles
Have someone or a bubble machine blow bubbles and have the kids run around and pop them. Have a towel for wiping off hands and consider telling parents to bring some play clothes for this event.

Coins in the Cup
Take a large jar/jug with wide opening and fill half way with water, place a small cup, shotglass or fingerbowl in the bottom of the jar/jug (in center) and fill about two inches from the top.

Each child is give the same amount of coins 5 to 10 and challenged to see how many they can sink in the cup at the bottom of the jar. You can play serveral times and the child getting the most in wins that round.

Beach Ball Battle
You will need 6 - 10 beach balls in two colors or styles and a line of tape to separate the room into two sides. Divide the beach balls (sould have same number of each 3, 4, or 5) and place one color on one side and the other color on the opposite side.

Now tell the children they need to get their beach balls on the other side of the line. This is fun as young kids try to get the balls across the line without knowing exactly what they are doing. It will keep you and the kids entertained for a little while.


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