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This year has been hard for everyone. If you’re reading this, you’ve almost survived the ordeal that was 2017.


As a reward, here are some photos of cats and dogs. They don’t care where you were born or who you voted for or what you've tweeted recently, and they have absolutely no idea what's been happening for the past 12 months.

These adorable animals alone should not be enough to distract you from catching up on a year of , for the rich,  of Obamacare, , of famous accused sexual harassers, the latest rises in America's , ' violent protests in Charlottesville, lawsuits over and , federal government attacks on and the imminent end of , executive office , apocalyptic threats and missile tests from , Robert Mueller's and the fear that A.I. is going to kill you in your sleep, the constant discrediting of the media, everything that is  and  speculation about whether that  is true, major in Puerto Rico and the South, an over-hyped , the rise and fall of , disrespecting the Oval Office couch, an almost winning an Alabama Senate seat, the Trump the decimation of ,  after all, even more evidence of  the  the  anxieties about  the across Europe, Steve Bannon's  and our president on his Twitter account. 

But with all of that and much more in mind, we could all use a cute animal break. You’ve earned it, world. Hang in there for 2018. 

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