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  • a young boy in a green shirt and blue jeans being comforted by two women after hearing he has to go back to his mother

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  • a man in comic book style cosplay as archer and a heart welded from muffler pipes
  • A cute girl is dancing outside of a moving car with her friend for the 'Kiki Challenge'. single wire photo holder
  • a man standing in front of a mirror filming himself and girlfriend


  • Legal note: The claims that this gallery will improve your chances of having a more successful day are unproven and are a form of marketing, and...

  • Dave Grohl asks the kid if he knows how to play any songs to which the boy replies "yeah... Metallica".

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  • During an altercation between some skateboarders and a street preacher, and skater throws a punch...

  • Saturday Night Live's cold open this week was a roast of the highly publicized meeting this week between Kanye West and Donald Trump.

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  • a tweet about wanting new animals and one about adam and eve and choosing where to eat

    Jump into the daily, mostly fresh, meme stream.

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  • a white semi truck driving on a narrow mountain road before falling down a ditch

    A semi truck driver in northern California pays the price after ignoring road work and warning signs.

  • a man with his hair cut and dyed green and red like a strawberry

    They say hair is the window to the soul, these guys have some weird looking souls.

  • Three guys stand on the side of a road as cars drive by, splashing them with water from the rainy road.

    These dudes thought it would be fun to stand on the side of the road and have cars splash them with water.

  • a mans back with a samauri tattoo and a blonde female motocross rider standing next to her bike

    Awesome images to pump up your weekend.

  • a man in a black bulletproof jacket shooting himself with a piston in the stomach

    A live ammo demonstration with bulletproof clothing.

  • Raccoon in parking lot chasing iguana. Raccoon holding down iguana screaming.

    A raccoon and iguana go toe to toe in the fight of the century.

  • a man wearing an orange shirt and gray pants lays on the ground pretending to have a seizure after getting scared

    When the customer you scared, scares you back!

  • a photo of a reflected street with text about 3 am being the devils hour because the barrier between our world an paranormal is at its thinnest

    Odd and interesting facts that may send chills down your spine.

  • a man in a green shirt and gloves holding a fully automatic shotgun

    Jonathan Babb, from Sienna Armory, gives Larry the rundown on the AA-12 Full Auto 12-gauge Shotgun.

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  • the heavy set catcher from sandlot with mlb player aaron judge and an entire family cosplaying as scooby doo characters

    Funny, weird and WTF images that will make your day better.

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  • Jim Kowalczik hugs his 9-foot-tall, 1,500-pound Kodiak bear named Jimbo at the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York.

    Jim Kowalczik and his wife Susan run the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York. They are home to 11 bears of varying species including...

  • A smashed up car

    He was lucky because he only received a broken jaw and shoulder. And he also missing some teeth.

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  • a lady who wants to speak to your manager on halloween, and a tweet about manliness

    Funny, weird and WTF images that will make your day better.

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  • a young boy in a green shirt and blue jeans being comforted by two women after hearing he has to go back to his mother

    Four-year-old Mikey has been sent back with his abusive mother because of court failures and corruption. This video went viral on Facebook before Mikey's abusive mother had it removed.

  • the ulysse slamming into the virginia near corsica in the mediterranean sea

    Shipping lanes and a lack of attention led to two ships meeting in the wide Mediterranean sea. Tunisian freighter Ulysse slammed into the Cyprus vessel Virginia parked off the French Island of Corsica. Authorities announced on October 12th that the ships

  • post malone and jimmy fallon sitting at olive garden eating breadsticks

    The free breadsticks, endless salad, and free wine samples are too much for Jimmy to handle.

  • A man is running his hands along a wall inside his house as a hoard of daddy long legs spiders fall on to his hands in Alaska in 2018.

    The spiders are daddy long legs, however, in Alaska where this guy is from, they are known as dipdoolies. If you hate spiders, this video will...


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