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Закрыть ... [X]

  • I offered to help and you accepted my offer.

  • He at once resigned his commission, and without waiting for it to be accepted took leave of absence and went to Moscow.

  • It was an odd mix that warned him she'd not yet accepted her place in his world.

  • Carmen accepted the photograph hug and stepped back, startled to silence.

  • Nicholas accepted thirty thousand rubles offered him by his brother-in- law Bezukhov to pay off debts he regarded as genuinely due for value received.

  • He accepted the blanket with a sour look.

  • He accepted the platter of food and heaped his plate.

  • He accepted her offer and thus became Under Sheriff of Ouray County, Colorado.

  • She should have accepted the rabbits.

  • She accepted the coffee and scowled into the tin cup.

  • She prayed he accepted her apology.

  • She knew that when she accepted the job so any complaint at this point would be out of line.

  • He accepted the bowl of soup and sipped in silence for a few minutes.

  • It acclimated to her and accepted her until it obeyed her thoughts before she thought them.

  • She accepted everything I did for her as a matter of course, and refused to be caressed, and there was no way of appealing to her affection or sympathy or childish love of approbation.

  • The men soon accepted Pierre into their family, adopted him, gave him a nickname ("our gentleman"), and made kindly fun of him among themselves.

  • He accepted the tin of flapjacks she offered and jerked his head toward her wagon.

  • It was no surprise that Darcie had accepted his proposal.

  • It was one of the many oddities about her father that she'd accepted over the years.

  • More importantly, the underworld accepted his appointment.

  • When we first accepted Mr. Cooms' generous funding, we established this secure connection in case he ever had a need to contact us.

  • I accepted gratefully and asked him if there was any news on the camper.

  • Heart quickening, she crossed to him and accepted his hand.

  • Damian accepted his hand in greeting, looking around.

  • "Apology accepted," she said and looked down.

  • Lisa sat down and accepted the bowl full of scrambled eggs Sarah passed to her.

  • You're the first girl who has ever accepted me for what I am.

  • For the next week she cautiously accepted his occasional displays of affection.

  • I introduced myself by name as I accepted the offered seat across from a large desk, the only other furniture in the small room.

  • Never the less, I forewarned Molly and she accepted the situation bravely.

  • She'd accepted her father, because there was no one else who understood her.

  • She'd accepted her place in his bed.

  • She accepted the small vial.

  • They laid their treasures at my feet, and I accepted them as we accept the sunshine and the love of our friends.

  • She has already apologized and I have accepted her apology.

  • If it had been anyone else, I would have accepted that, but she liked to control people.

  • Instead she accepted the entire package at face value.

  • He offered a hand and Len accepted it.

  • He hadn't been accepted as their roommate because he was pretty.

  • Yes, Ethel confesses to appointment as the tipster's public representative and seems to be accepted as sorts, in the eyes of her growing public of readers.

  • Part of her accepted his explanations after what she'd experienced the past few days.

  • She accepted Jonny's hand rather than Xander's and closed take a photograph sentence her eyes to the cold sensations of Transporting.

  • Jule looked up from strapping a knife to his calf and accepted the phone.

  • Traci choked on a half-laugh, half-sob and accepted the packet of tissues.

  • And I was quite sure they would be accepted as props.

  • Cynthia accepted the news well, first on the phone amid post wedding hubbub, and the next day when he met her stepping off the plane.

  • He barely accepted the idea of being mated to a woman who only looked like his ex.

  • Deidre accepted her tea.

  • He removed me, raised me, and accepted his mate as payment, she replied.

  • No deity or Immortal or living human ever welcomed or accepted Death, but the souls always had.

  • Again, this is because without compelling, widely accepted facts, we use things we've learned from other parts of our lives to make our decisions.

  • I have always accepted other peoples experiences and observations as a matter of course.

  • She evidently felt frightened and ashamed to have accepted charity in a house where such things could be said, and was at the same time sorry to have now to forgo the charity of this house.

  • It seemed that in this company the insignificance of those people was so definitely accepted that the only possible attitude toward them was one of good humored ridicule.

  • Toward evening Ilagin took leave of Nicholas, who found that they were so far from home that he accepted "Uncle's" offer that the hunting party should spend the night in his little village of Mikhaylovna.

  • Julie on the contrary accepted his attentions readily, though in a manner peculiar to herself.

  • That arousing of the people by their sovereign and his call to them to defend their country--the very incitement which was the chief cause of Russia's triumph in so far as it was produced by the Tsar's personal presence in Moscow--was suggested to the Emperor, and accepted by him, as a pretext for quitting the army.

  • He had asked Pierre to find out whether he would be accepted in the hussars.

  • That I, the daughter of Prince Nicholas Bolkonski, asked General Rameau for protection and accepted his favor!

  • But such a war does not fit in under any rule and is directly opposed to a well-known rule of tactics which is accepted as infallible.

  • Princess Mary asked the countess to let Natasha go with her to Moscow, and both parents gladly accepted this offer, for they saw their daughter losing strength every day and thought that a change of scene and the advice of Moscow doctors would be good for her.

  • Even so, she had accepted it in her mind to a degree.

  • And then she remembered seeing Dulce watching her when she accepted the drink.

  • Carmen accepted the outstretched hand and placed a foot in the vacated stirrup.

  • And yet, if Señor Medena hadn't been so pushy, would he have accepted the inheritance?

  • I thought you had finally accepted that the money belonged to both of you.

  • I would have accepted responsibility.

  • She shrugged and accepted his invitation with some reservation.

  • In fact, things were going so well that she actually accepted an invitation to a valentine's party at Roxanne's house.

  • The big German accepted a cup of coffee from Davis and squatted beside Royce at the fire.

  • You accepted a date.

  • Cynthia offered a hand to Carl and he accepted it cordially.

  • Somewhat, but I had to take the chance that they would be accepted as props and leave it at that.

  • Jim accepted it as a mere detail, and at his command the attendants gave his coat a good rubbing, combed his mane and tail, and washed his hoofs and fetlocks.

  • My accounts, which I can swear to have kept faithfully, I have, indeed, never got audited, still less accepted, still less paid and settled.

  • She had accepted the idea that she would never know this moment.

  • There was no reasoning with him, so she accepted a ride with her best friend, Connie.

  • Sarah couldn't understand her desire to be alone, but she accepted it.

  • Gerasim, being a servant who in his time had seen many strange things, accepted Pierre's taking up his residence in the house without surprise, and seemed pleased to have someone to wait on.

  • She waited on the old countess, petted and spoiled the children, was always ready to render the small services for which she had a gift, and all this was unconsciously accepted from her with insufficient gratitude.

  • It has now come to my knowledge that you lent him your carriage for his removal from town, and that you have even accepted papers from him for safe custody.

  • No one found more opportunities for attacking, no one captured or killed more Frenchmen, and consequently he was made the buffoon of all the Cossacks and hussars and willingly accepted that role.

  • There was a note on the hall table from Cynthia that she and Martha had accepted Brandon Westlake's invitation to catch the late afternoon sun and photograph wildflowers, and Pumpkin Green has stopped by, looking for Dean.


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