What does photosynthesis release

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Carbon dioxide is converted into organic compounds, especially sugars, using the energy from sunlight and water.

Carbon dioxide is taken in through the leaves of the plant. Energy from the sun is used to extract electrons (in the form of hydrogen ions) from water, and these are added to carbon dioxide (a reduction reaction) to form the monosacchardie glucose--C6-H12-O6.

Carbon dioxide is needed for photosynthesis to produce sugar thatthen will feed the plant. CO2 or carbon dioxide is needed in largerdoses for plants and grass need a smaller amount of CO2.

Photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide with water to make glucose. Thecarbon atoms are the most important in this exchange, as theoxygen, while used, is a little excessive, and extra is left overonce the process is complete.

Plants get Carbon Dioxide from the air, or actually, from animals and people that breath it into the air. Because plants produce Oxygen, animals and humans breath in the Oxygen, and breath out CO2, into the air. So, plants use this element in photosynthesis.

Carbon dioxide diffuses from the air into the leaves through the stomata to the mesophyll cells in the leaf to be used for photosynthesis. HOPE THIS HELPS XD

Yes it does Carbon dioxide is the source of carbon. This carbon is stored in glucose

The world's estimated population is 7.4 billion. We all breatheout. In our breathing out is carbon dioxide. The US publisher Ward's estimates there were 1.015 billion motorvehicles in use in the world in 2010, including cars, heavy dutytrucks; and buses (but no off-road vehicles or heavy constructio…nequipment). All these machines (and more) on average using just onegallon of gasoline produces 18.07 pounds of carbon dioxide. About 22.38 pounds of CO2 are produced from burning a gallon ofdiesel fuel. Experts estimate there are over three trillion trees on Earth, allof which crave CO2 in photosynthesis. Experts estimate there are 390,900 TYPES of KNOWN plants, of whichapproximately 369,400 are flowering. There are thousands of unknown/ unidentified release species and about 2,000 identified each year. Allgreen plants NEED CO2 for photosynthesis. According to NCS University, "A tree can absorb as much as 48pounds of carbon dioxide per year and can sequester 1 ton of carbondioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old." As you can see, trees and plants need to be present, alive, andprospering just to keep up with human production of CO2 per day! Note: These numbers do not include how many trees are cut down eachyear. It does not include how many plants are destroyed, nor airpollution from slash and burn agriculture. (MORE)

It is an important part of the chemical process, providing the carbon needed to build carbohydrates. The overall chemical equation of photosynthesis is: 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O --> C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2. The carbohydrates are used as "food" by the plant and to form the cellulose that make up the stem and le…aves.

yes, its a product of photosynthesis,while oxygen is a by-product of photosynthesis... No... Actually is Glucose(Apex)...Stupid

Choroplast act like tiny chemical factores. Inside them Inside them water and carbon dioxide from the air combine to make suger and oxegen.

yes. like us, how we breath oxygen, plants breath carbon dioxide. so without it the photosynthesis process will not be complete. As carbon dioxide increases, the rate of photosynthesis increases. For example if we put soda lime (absorbs carbon dioxide) with the plant and cover it with a plastic bag,… the plant will be lacking carbon dioxide and the rate of photosynthesis will decrease.

Yes, they do. Without carbon dioxide, plants wouldn't be able to complete the transaction of photosynthesis

Plants and a few other organism use CO 2 and light as part of photosynthesis. Six Carbon Dioxide molecules (CO 2 ) combine with 6 water molecules and light energy to form 6 glucose molecules and Oxygen. There is the equation. 6CO 2 + 6H2O +Light Energy ---> C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 In other words, …carbon dioxide + water + light energy ---> carbohydrates + oxygen

No, the process is to take in carbon dioxide with water andsunlight to make sugars; the by-product is oxygen.

(brooke,13) water is soaked up through roots & carbon dioxide is just absorbed. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by the following process. There is a spongy mesophyll, a loose tissue with many air spaces between its cells. These air spaces connect with the extrerior through stomata porelike openings in t…he underside of the leaf that allow carbon dioxide and oxygen to diffuse into and out of the leaf.

carbon dioxide is an raw material of photosynthesis, so without carbon dioxide the process of photosynthesis will not occur. hence there will not be an end product of photosynthesis.

I don't know if this is answering your question, but photosynthesis produces molecules of oxygen.

In photosynthesis, solar energy is converted to chemical energy. The chemical energy is stored in the form of glucose (sugar). Carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight are used to produce glucose, oxygen, and water. The chemical equation for this process is: 6CO 2 + 12H 2 O + light → C 6 H 12 O 6 … + 6O 2 + 6H 2 O 6 molecules of carbon dioxide (6CO 2 ) and 12 molecules of water (12H 2 O) are consumed in the process, while glucose (C 6 H 12 O 6 ), six molecules of oxygen (6O 2 ), and six molecules of water (6H 2 O) are produced. This equation may be simplified as: 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O + light → C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2.

Carbon dioxide is an essential reactant for photosynthesis to occur. If there is a higher concentration of carbon dioxide, then the rate of photosynthesis will increase, and vise versa. If the concentration of carbon dioxide decreases, then the rate at which a plant photosynthesizes will be slower. … Resources: I'm an advanced bio student, and we conducted an experiment to test this. Hope this helps (:

If 0.2% of CO2 is provided to a leaf, it performs photosynthesis well. If this concentration is futher increased, then the rate of photosynthesis increases but stabilizes at 0.5% and remains constant. Further increase in CO2 will not increase the rate of photosynthesis.

Carbon dioxide is one of the raw material that photosynthetic organisms use to make sugars which store the sun's energy in order to carry out the life functions. 2n CO 2 + 2n H 2 O + photons → 2(CH 2 O) n + n O 2 + 2n A

False. A producer breathes in carbon dioxide and emits oxygen. Photosynthesis is just a fancy word on how a plant gets food.

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The conclusion that carbon dioxide is necessary for photosynthesisis correct. Carbon dioxide and sunlight will be required so thatplants can obtain energy.

Because without it, the plant would not be able to make the chemicals it needs.

If there was no carbon dioxide the photosynthesis couldn't make the sugar it is relevant to make

diffusion: - the movement of molecules from high to low concentrations. carbon dioxide is in higher concentration outside the leaf than inside so it DIFFUSES into the leaf THROUGH THE STOMATA and moves through the air spaces diffusing into the mesophyll cells for photosynthesis.

carbon is needed during photosynthesis as it is the source of glucose.in entire dark reaction it is needed. plz go for dark reaction,you will be satisfied.

because what does photosynthesis release carbon dioxide is the most important element that a plant need to make their sugary food called glucose and also they need sunlight and hydrogen too.

Yes. No, photosynthesis does not produce carbondioxide. It produces hexose sugar, oxygen and some molecules of water.

Yes it does. It removes it from the air to use as energy and a food source, and releases oxygen into the air in the process, for us to breathe.

One of the key elements in photosynthesis, is carbon dioxide. As we need food, so do plants. Plants do this by taking neutriance water, the suns energy and carbon dioxide to create a substance called glucose. This reduces the amount of carbon in the air, and in the process releases oxygen for us t…o breathe.

Carbon dioxide is released during respiration of plants and animals and it is used during photosynthesis.

No, it does exactly the opposite. It takes in water and carbon dioxide and uses light to make glucose (sugar) for food and oxygen as a bi-product. carbon dioxide + water =light energy=> glucose + oxygen 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O =light energy=> C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2

The carbon dioxide is the one that is being used and the one to be converted to oxygen. Basically, it's because CO 2 has to combine with water to make glucose for the plant.

No, carbon dioxide is used during photosynthesis. It is necessaryfor the Calvin-Benson cycle because it is attached to RuBP to startthe cycle. This cycle ultimately produces glucose. However, carbondioxide is made as a by-product of cellular respiration.

During photosynthesis, carbon-dioxide is the main starting component for the Calvin cycle whereby 3 molecules of carbon-dioxide and 3 molecules of ribluose-1,5-bisphosphate are ultimately converted to glucose, the end-product of photosynthesis. This is an anabolic reaction where from simple compound…s like carbon-dioxide, organisms synthesize complex compounds.

the word equation basically explains it: carbon dioxide + water vapour -----> oxygen and glucose in a nutshell, if you take away one of these, a plant cannot photosynthesise

Carbon dioxide is a chemical containing carbon and oxygen, and photosynthesis is the process by which most plants get energy. Photosynthesis requires light, water, and CO2.

it is carbon dioxide It is used as the source of carbon.They are used to build up glucose molecules

Yes Carbon dioxide is needed to get carbon. Carbon atoms of glucose are from CO2

well lets see well u breath out carbon dioxide an plants give us oxygen when we breathe out air.because the body is tryin to gte rid of the bad carbon dioxide.An ur helpin the plants breath an u breathe --kj

6CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) + 6H2O (Water) + Light--------> C6H12O6 (Glucose) + O2 (Oxygen) It is needed to react with water under the presence of light to produce glucose and oxygen.

Goes under the sea CO2 is diffused from atmosphere to the plants. CO2 enters through stomata. Then it enters into cells

In the air around you. Carbon dioxide comes from the exhalations of organisms like yourself, decomposition of organic matter and from the burning of hydrocarbons that were taken from the wells and mines. Plants use all this and it diffuses into their stoma from the atmosphere.

Just a second; you might be a tad mixed up here. Did you mean "Why is the waste product in photosynthesis carbon dioxide?"? Because then I can answer you. You're wrong; CO 2 is not the product of photosynthesis, but the reactant (or the "input" as opposed to the "output") During photosynthesi…s plants take in water, carbon dioxide and sunlight, and release oxygen gas, as well as making glucose for its "food". Really complex process. But just for the sake of remembering you can just say that they just take off a carbon atom from the gas (but they don't; it's actually oxygen from the water that's released, but you'll learn about that later- it's a really complicated process). However, in the process of respiration (which is NOT breathing!!! It's the process of releasing energy from food) all aerobic life (life which "breathes", including plants) take in Oxygen and release Carbon Dioxide (including plants), so in some ways plants are just continuously making and recycling Oxygen and Carbon dioxide...

Th synthesize one molecule of hexose sugar by photosynthesis six molecules of carbon dioxide are required to be assimilated. Since oxygen comes out by photolysis of water double the number of molecules of water are required to release six molecules of oxygen.

During Photosynthesis carbon dioxide is used and oxygen is released. In chemo-synthesis oxygen may be used but it releases Sulfur dioxide. Example of chemo-synthesis are sulfur bacteria.

From the atmosphere, and also as a waste product exhaled by animalsduring respiration. The Earth's atmosphere consists of 0.04% CarbonDioxide, and it is exhaled by all mammals as a waste product.Animals and plants need each other, as what is waste gas to theone, is essential for the other to live.


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