White wild turkey photos

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Six wild turkey toms that my brother saw along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina on 12/29/04. Here is a of the tom second from the right.

Go to to see a MALE wild turkey named Benny brooding eggs. This was the second case I had heard of of a tom setting eggs.

Snood = the fleshy growth that occurs on the head of a turkey, right behind the beak. It grows larger in males and eventually hangs down off the side of the beak.

The photos are in order from most recently sent to oldest. Both domestic and wild turkeys are pictured here. If you would like to contribute a photo,.

I took these photos of Royal Palm turkeys on 4/1/15 at a small zoo.

- one of the hens is bearded; a peacock is also photo bombing.

Evelyn sent this photo of seven baby Eastern wild turkey poults on 6/13/12.

Gerry in Minnesota sent these photos of normal and "smoke phase" (partial albino) wild turkeys in the snow on 2/7/11. He also sent this. Almost all smoke- phase wild turkeys are female.

at Zoo America attached to Hershey Park on 8/27/10, taken by me.

On 5/24/10, Mary from Cananda sent these photos of a white wild turkey and its thirteen poults.

- she is squatting on them.

Bob in Michigan sent these photos of wild tom turkeys fighting over a female as well as a female with poults on 5/19/10. The toms were taken on 4/29/06 according to one photo and the hen and poults were taken on 5/18/10. He said the toms fought for two hours oblivious to his presence.
- the two on the right are fighting
fighting; they stand up on their legs and tussle their beaks and sometimes kick and flap each other
fighting, all stuck together
- fan displaying
- two are white
- one regular and two white
- one regular and one white
- one regular and two white
- one regular and one white

Kathy sent these photos of a wild turkey hen and her six babies on 5/25/09. I can only find five babies.

Tom sent this photo on 5/25/09 of his wild turkey hen and her five babies.

On 9/24/08, Annette sent this photo of her baby wild turkey named Hatch. He was about a week or two old here and was accidently killed a few weeks later. So sad. ;-(

On 8/29/08, Mike sent these two photos of a white Eastern wild turkey in North Carolina.

On 6/11/08, someone without a name sent these photos of a flock of wild turkeys in Ohio.
Wild turkey flock

On 4/19/08, Joni sent these photos of a white turkey. It looks to be all white. She says there are no domestic turkeys around, just lots of wild turkeys.

Ed in New York sent these photos on 4/7/08 of a partially white Eastern wild turkey mixed in with regular wild turkeys.

including the partially white one and a tom displaying (rear view).

On 3/14/08, Amanda in Florida, sent these photos of her turkeys. Her husband believes they are a pair Osceola wild turkeys but she does not agree. I do not know enough about varieties to identify them. I thought that the female had too many adornments to be a wild turkey variety.

On 1/27/08, Susan sent these photos of her now adult five month old male turkey ("Helen") and its mother peahen (Renee) (see below for older photos when the turkey was a baby.). These photos verify that "Helen" the turkey is a tom.
and a chicken
with mother peahen and a bunch of chickens
with mother peahen and a chicken
with mother peahen and two chickens
with mother peahen and a bunch of chickens

On 1/18/08, Mike sent these photos of a flock of wild turkeys that included two partial albinos in Mississippi.

On 1/7/08, Chuck sent these photos of a lot of wild turkeys in North Carolina. Among them was a white turkey. The photos were taken from a distance.

- zoom in

On 11/30/07, Larry sent these photos of an "unusual white bird" which turned out to be a turkey hen. She appears to be a domestic turkey, a royal palm hen (thanks to Callise on 7/11/08 for confirming!).

On 10/6/07, Susan sent newer photos of her baby male turkey poult with its "mommy" peahen. [See below for the earlier photos.]

On 9/16/07, Susan in Canada sent these photos of her baby male turkey poult that was hatched by a peahen. She said, "Last year a peahen flew onto my 5 acre property and gradually adopted my horses, dogs, cats, chickens and myself. We were honoured. After conveying the message that she seriously wanted to sit her two infertile eggs, I contacted a neighbor who is a major birder and caretaker of many large fowl. Two fertilized turkey eggs and exactly 28 days later, two lovely chicks emerged. One thrived, the other withered and died on Day 5."
I will soon add photos of the poult when he was older.

Kris sent these photos of a turkey with hip and leg problems. [Note, I forgot to put the date in before deleting the e-mail but I believe it was early September, 2007.] The problems are most likely due to the heavy weight of this domestic turkey. Such problems are common for birds that are "meant" to be slaughtered by humans at a young age and do not age well. Since he did not say, The turkey appears to be a young tom but could be an over-adorned hen (which is pretty common in domestics). I cannot see if the turkey has a beard (females very rarely do). Kris did not give more information.
- front view
- head view
- head view

On 9/3/07, Nancy sent these photos of her 3-month-old Eastern wild turkeys. She wanted me to sex them. My guesses are listed below but may not be 100% correct. My guesses are based on existence and size of the snood (thing on top of their beak) and body size. They are too young to sex easily/quickly since they are not mature. She contacted me a month later to say they had been released. She thinks there is one female and two males so my guesses below must be off somewhere. Feel free to correct me!
- thought males left and right background but one must be female if she only ended up with one male, female foreground
- male left, female right
- male left, cannot see head of turkey on the right
- cannot see head at the right angle
- left to right, male, female, female?
- left to right, male, female, female?
- young male
- head of a male, close-up of the previous photo

On 8/22/07, Jennifer sent me these three photos of a turkey. She is a rehabilitator and go this turkey. She wanted to know if it was a wild turkey. I told her that I thought it was a young male Eastern wild turkey. The bird is too lanky to be domestic and otherwise looks like wild turkeys I have seen both alive and in photos. He seems to have the beginning of a snood and dewlap as a young male would.
- front view
- head view
- left side view

On 8/9/07, Patti sent these photo of her mixed breed turkeys. There are more photos from here below from 5/5/07. She said, "Just thought you would like to see this...the two sons first time to show their tail feathers off to their dad turkey 'Mr. Bo Jangles' and their mom 'Lady Heart Jingle.' Dad is on the left, and his two sons to the right. Mom is to the far left." The toms are all displaying in these photos.
and about six chickens

I took these photos at our county fair on 8/8/07.
- a couple of bronze domestic turkeys(?)
- a couple of bronze domestic turkeys(?) in the background. In the foreground is a side view of what they labeled as an "old Bourbon red tom" but he seems to have more white and less red than I have seen on Bourbon reds.
- front view of the old "Bourbon red" tom on the right (look at his long beard!) and a bronze(?) domestic on the left.

I took this photo of a domestic turkey (maybe bronze) at the on 7/29/07. Unfortunately, the photo is through a fence. I think he was molting.

Vince in New York sent these photos of a female Eastern wild turkey and her eggs which never hatched on 6/26/07. The photos are very, very tiny so I decided to upload them all.

Tom sent all these photos on 6/13/07 of a flock of wild turkeys outside his window. He took the photos from inside the house looking out to a field. Most of the photos are of males displaying. He added captions to some of the photos.

Kari sent these photos of her turkeys on 5/8/07. They are various mixed domestic breeds like maybe slate, bronze, and Bourbon red (the red ones are obvious).

On 5/5/07, Patti sent these photo of her turkeys. I think they are mixed breeds.
- three adults and eight young poults
- displaying
She later sent this photo on 6/15/07 of a turkey looking down from a tree.

On 4/29/07, Joni sent some photos of her mixed breed turkeys (mix of wild turkeys, Royal Palm, and other domestic breeds). She said, "We have been raising turkeys for about 3 years....We started with 4 Wild-Cross (?) turkeys. We now have 35 adult birds and 50 babies with 150 on the way! We are not sure exactly what kind they are. Last year we had a hen and a tom with beautiful white, gold, cinnamon colors....They look like Royal Palms but I'm not quite sure. If anyone knows the exact type of our black ones and the 2 pied-like, I sure wouldn't mind being e-mailed back." If you, I will forward it to her.
- a male Royal Palm mix and others
- a male bronze mix

- a tom's fan from behind
- male bronze mix sitting down
- male bronze mix displaying

On 4/29/07, Laurie sent these photos of a wild turkey in her yard in Sacramento, California.
- male displaying
- same male when not displaying

On 4/26/07, I went to a local petting zoo. They had a pair of Bourbon red turkeys. Here are some photos that I took. The turkeys refused to get into position for a good photo!
- nice rear view!
- left side view
- all I could get was her rear; she did not want to turn around.
- right side view

Gus took these photos of a Gould's turkey in Arizona which he told me about on 4/15/07. I hope the external links still work. He said I could put the photos on my site but Webshots will not allow me to pull the photos off their site (they want money).
- side view, displaying.
- front view, closed up.
- displaying tom and two hens.

Sandy lives near Sacramento, California and has a lot of wild turkeys come through her suburban yard. She sent this first photo on 1/10/07 and the two after that on 1/16/07. I liked those last two photos so much that I made them bigger than most photos that I resize for my site. I do not know for sure if I counted the number of turkeys correctly; you can check for yourself.
- four are displaying/fanning. These mature toms are so gorgeous!
- I have never seen so many turkeys in one place, especially in such a non-wild setting. Two of the birds have white on them and may either have interbred with domestic turkeys or be a mutation.
- another view of the huge gathering of mostly females and young males (drakes).

Steve sent these photos on 11/25/06 of a unique turkey in the wilds of Southern Virginia near the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is not albino but it is not normal either. This turkey has white and black on the back and sides and brown, black, and white on the tail. It is either a random mutation, or, more likely, there is some domestic turkey mixed in.
with two regular wild turkeys (I think they may be three young males or drakes)
with one regular wild turkey

It is the month of unique turkeys! Juliet discovered a turkey in the wild that was not behaving as a wild turkey. It was pretty tame. With ideas from me and on her end, they were able to trap the turkey and send photos. They plan to move him to a farm. This turkey is definitely not a wild turkey. It also does not match any domestic turkeys I have ever seen including rare heritage breeds. I figure it is a mixed breed. The bird is gorgeous! Apparently, right before these photos, the turkey had molted. Before the molt, the turkey may have been mostly white. If the turkey is young, it could be male because of the body shape and small snood as well as perhaps beginning neck adornments. If the turkey is larger (adult), it is female. Juliet will hopefully update us later! These photos were sent to me on 11/18/06 and 11/19/06. She sent a lot of photos but they are small, and the turkey is so neat, I just put them all here.
- front
- front
- back
- right side
- head
- right side
- head
- head
- left side
- left side
- head
- right side
- back (beautiful!)
- right side from front
- right side
- right side; look at that expression! "Ok, you caught me, now I'm in control, and I have a list of demands! First, this food...."

Barbara sent these photos on 11/1/06 of a male wild turkey named Henry who just showed up in her yard. Henry is sitting on a fence. He seems tame and was probably raised by humans. The photos are dated 10/8/06.

- close-up of the last photo showing his snood and adornments

On 8/30/06, Jennifer sent a dozen small photos of her Eastern wild turkeys. She hatched four from eggs and had two survivors. These photos are from most recent to when they were younger (three ages I think).
,,,,,,,,,,, and.

On 8/3/06, Robert sent these two photos of wild turkeys in Asheville, North Carolina. One of the gobblers looks at first like an albino but we both think it is probably a mix of domestic and wild turkeys.

I went to the on 6/7/06 and took two photos of what I think are a pair Royal Palm domestic turkeys:
- male left, female right.
- male left, female right.

Joyce sent these four photos of her wild turkeys and their run on 5/21/06 in North Carolina. The pen is 75' x 12' in size and contains two adult male wild turkeys, two adult female wild turkeys, an adult peacock, and the offspring of the wild turkeys (five eggs hatched via natural incubation on 5/21/06 but I think she said only one male of those survived). There seem to be some white birds in there too? The photos are a little blurry.

A person without a name in the message sent these three photos of an albino wild turkey in Washington state near Spokane on 4/1/06. This turkey seems to be an actual albino as opposed to the turkeys in the next paragraph.

Steve sent these two photos on 3/29/06 of a "white turkey turkey hen in the Withlacoochee State Forest (north central Florida) last week.... was in a small group of 5 hens, all the rest were normal colored. Someone else said that someone had seen a white turkey in the area before." He says there are no domestic turkeys in the area.

Here are some links relating to white wild turkeys:

- funny! I don't agree that white wild turkeys must come from breeding with domestics. By chance, they can occur now and again.

- has photos they say are white wild turkeys but those birds definitely have the patterning and body build of domestic turkeys.
This site has photos of domestic breeds (and some wild too) -

On 2/14/06 and 2/16/06, Don in Kansas sent these turkey photos.
- a 3-year-old male wild turkey with a 5" beard and 0.5 to 0.75 inch spurs. Mr. Muzzy may be an Eastern wild turkey or a hybrid with a Rio Grande wild turkey.
- a 2-year-old female domestic black Spanish hen.

On 10/20/05, Wendy sent me this photo of her.

On 9/11/05, Charlie sent me these photos of his turkeys.
- Elmer who is 1.5 years old
- Elmer
- Jenny who is 1.5 years old; I am guessing that is Elmer in the background
- they look to be a few weeks old

In August of 2005, Greg sent some photos of his nine turkeys. Two of them are wild turkeys. The rest are Royal Palm domestic turkeys. I am not sure of the ages but the first photo seems to be about 1.5 months with the others at about 2.5 months.

Lisa sent me some captive Eastern wild turkey photos on 6/2/05 and 6/4/05 but I did not link them in until 2/3/07! This was a unique case because the tom did a lot (even the majority) of the incubation which I found hard to believe. He would sit on the eggs during the night with the hen mother on them most of the day. Near the end, he did all the sitting. The tom squished a bunch of the eggs. Since a male has no brood patch to keep the eggs warm enough, I was surprised any hatched. She said he did have a naked chest from mating. [My male turkey mated with his mate/sister all the time and never got a naked spot.] Of the 11 eggs, only one hatched, shown below. When they later laid more eggs, he kept sitting on them right away (instead of waiting for a clutch) and continued to break them.

- notice the spot on his chest where feathers seem to be ripped out. He supposedly made himself a brood patch.

Mike informed me that Julie's photos below were not of Osceola wild turkeys but Merriams which were probably just sold at the feed store. Then, he sent all these nice photos of wild wild turkeys to share (around May 2005):

Barbie sent me these two photos of her Eastern wild turkeys and some ducks on 4/20/05:

Barbie later sent on 9/4/05, this photo of her wild turkeys:
- a tom is on the far left

Julie sent these three photos of her two turkeys 12/13/04. The tom died but she now has a bunch more turkeys.
- Merriam wild tom that she told me was Osceola but Mike said was Merriams (here is a link on the Osceola variety from Florida: )
- Merriam wild tom and domestic slate hen
- Merriam wild tom

from Suzanne on 11/6/04. She thinks the one in front is female (verified when she later laid eggs) and the one in back male (that turkey died the following month via predators). There is a neat looking duck back there too. She later told me that the duck is a Muscovy drake. The next two photos were also from Suzanne at the same time. She was asking what was wrong with t he turkey who looks uncomfortable. We decided she must have gotten a physical injury (she had an injury a few weeks before but seemed to recover) perhaps from falling off a low roof.
- a hen who is injured/sick, front view.
- a hen who is injured/sick, side view.

Back around 2001 or so, someone (I long ago lost their name and the date and only put these up as links on 11/13/04) sent me these photos of a poult that I think is a white albino Eastern wild turkey but I might be wrong. It looks to be about a month old.

- with ruler

Roy sent me so many photos of his Eastern wild turkeys as they grew up that I put them in their own section here. The photos are in chronological order.

Roy sent me photos of the Eastern wild turkey poults that he ordered on 5/11/05. They are just a few days old.


Roy sent me photos of the same poults at almost one month old on 6/7/05. There are at the stage where they look awkward because they are changing plumage.

On 7/22/05, Roy sent some more photos of the poults taken 7/8/05 when they were 2-months-old. Here they are:
- the main one appears to be a male based on the developing snood (thing on his head)
- seems to be female

On 8/5/05, Roy sent me yet more photos of the now 3-month-old Eastern wild turkeys.

- male
- one is flying off the roost

On 4/25/06, Roy sent some more photos of his Eastern wild turkeys that are almost a year old in these photos. He has 9 hens and 4 toms. Roy hatched one poult from an egg laid in March but has 42 eggs in the incubator now (actually they should be hatching now as I am putting these photos on here a month after he sent them)! I asked what he was going to do with all those turkeys! He did not answer.

These photos from 8/30/12 show wild Eastern wild turkeys on our land. It is a mother hen and six full grown poults. Sorry that the photos are not very clear.
- four or five wild turkeys
- one turkey
- two or three turkeys
- hen followed by five babies
- close up of the previous photo
of the wild turkeys.

I finally saw another wild turkey in our back yard on 7/8/18! It was far away so I got no photos. I think it was a tom.

These were my pet turkeys:

on 12/26/96, a few months after Bonnie died. Sorry it is through the cage fencing. Since my turkeys are deceased, I cannot go back and get some decent photos! These are the best of the regular photos I had to scan! The turkeys were before digital cameras and my web site!
of my wild turkey hen's nest with 4 eggs in it, 4/24/94
taken on September 6, 1993.

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